Take a video tour with Zedd at his stupid sick new house

Apparently it pays well to be a top EDM artist and dj as Zedd recently closed on a $16 million purchase of an amazing modern architectural home in Beverly Crest development above Beverly Hills.

The home contains 9,400 SF of space and has been decorated by the artist himself.

He told Architectural Digest about the home:

“I saw an ad for this house, which was way too expensive, but I asked if I could look at it for inspiration—like, if I wanted to build my own house. I drove down the gate of the house and my brain went immediately to: This is something Steve Jobs would have enjoyed. I walked in here and it was so perfect. When you buy something of this size you question every little thing. But this is really as close to perfect a house for me as I can get.  The goal is to never have to leave. There’s three food trucks outside Monday through Friday—that’s a good step.

I follow a bunch of architecture sites I get inspiration from, and I’ve always been into really modern, slick, sharp corners,” he says. He also finds Instagram and his travels influential for getting ideas for the specific placement of objects. Many of the pieces of furniture came from his previous home, and he bought some of the pieces from the staging company. His art collection, however, had to be rethought to fit the much larger scale.

Symmetry is probably the most important thing to me. I have friends who have ultramodern homes and the only thing you can imagine is having a party there. You can’t imagine just laying on the couch.”

Give the video a watch below and kids if you get to producing hard can someday have a home like this! (OK low odds but not zero!)

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