The Chemical Brothers’ Block Rocking Beats Banging Again!

Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands, otherwise known to music lovers worldwide as the Manchester duo the Chemical Brothers, one of the godfathers of bringing the big beat genre to the forefront of pop culture helping to define the electronic dance music scene and put it on the map starting in the Nineties, is back on a big scale after a hiatus from 2016’s Born in the Echoes with their ninth studio album, No Geography, released April 12, 2019.

EDM Life made it out to the Greek Theatre recently to catch the duo during one of their Los Angeles appearances on their No Geography tour as it was their first in the States since 2015, and we were not disappointed.  In fact, we dare say they brought what they are known for, psychedelic sensory overload and riotous club bangers, in an even ravier and heavier direction incorporating surreal and mesmerizing in-your-face lasers, lights and visuals directed by Adam Smith & Marcus Lyall.  The anticipation of seeing these pioneers after so many years, combined with the fantastic overall stage show that only (we counted) seven production semis could haul in, proved to be what we can only describe as the most epic, entertaining and overwhelming performance from the duo to date.  And from the overall landscape of an audience that was on its feet from beginning to encore, we weren’t the only ones that felt this way.

Forward thinking, vividly melodic and imbibing a sense of urgency to the precarious times we live in with the lyrics and vocals they incorporate, No Geography, albeit a party-hardy LP shows signs of the iconic duo evolving into a more introspective but still pop-friendly album as can be heard through their sampling of New Order’s Temptation in Star Guitar and the rowdy, club-banging We’ve Got to Try.  The fact that they seem to have so much to say socially in this new creative endeavor coupled with the genius and awesome spectacles that Smith and Lyall bring to the show through visual imagery make the No Geography tour a ride that will keep your hands up in the air and you screaming for more.

Kudos to The Chemical Brothers and their fantastic creative and road team for making this experience epic for all attendees.  They will keep us dancing no matter the era. Here’s to another 25 years of block rocking beats; and, to quote the duo, what we at EDM Life hope for all Lifers, “Love is All.”  Peace out until the next show!

Highlights of the show are below:

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