Tulum To Ban all large scale dance music events!

The town of Tulum near Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is banning all large scale dance music eventsAccording to Roberto Palazuelos Badeux, president of the Asociación de Hoteles of Tulum, ‘raves’ will no longer be allowed due to a percieved negative impact on the town.

Palazuelos Badeux says, “There will be no more rave parties because they bring many negative things such as a large generation of vehicular traffic. Also, such events are held all night and into the early morning, ending at 9:00 a.m. or 10 a.m.”

In Tulum, the hotel industry and the government have managed to keep the coastal beach calm and relaxing for tourists to enjoy when they come to get away and large-scale events are disrupting to the quiet beach-front town.

Badeux also said that all three levels of government have worked hard with the hotel industry to promote tourism and improve competitiveness and that Tulum is a quiet area where domestic and foreign tourists come to stay for their holidays. 

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