Benny Benassi fall 2010 California bike tour!

This fall, Benny Benassi will accomplish something no other DJ has done – a major west coast club tour…on a fixed-gear bicycle.
The Benny Benassi Bike Tour: A Musical Ride Through California…Without Breaks will launch in San Francisco Friday, September 10 with a show at Ruby Skye. The ride officially starts from the Golden Gate Bridge the next morning and will take Benny south along California’s scenic coast for club stops at Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz, Tonic in Santa Barbara and The Music Box in Los Angeles, wrapping in San Diego at On Broadway, September 19.
The tour is in collaboration between the Grammy Award-winning Benassi—an avid cyclist since jumping on at the age of 6, who almost went pro before falling in love with music–and Iridefixedmodena, the Modena, Italy-based company that manufactures fixie bikes. On his BBike, designed for the occasion by Qubic New York, a design agency with Italian roots and constructed by the technicians of Iridefixedmodena, Benny will be giving free reign to his greatest passions: music and cycling. Benny will pedal his way through spectacular landscapes, meeting people from all walks of life, friends, and fellow electronic music and bike enthusiasts en route. The entire journey will be documented, photographed and geotagged with his location and fans are encouraged to join Benny on his ride and party the night away.

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