Alan Walker Releases Official Version of Fan-Favorite “Heading Home”

Today marks a uniquely exciting and long-awaited day for the world of ‘Walkers’. The multi-platinum artist, DJ and producer has just released his single ‘Heading Home’ featuring vocals from rising Norwegian star, Ruben. Fresh off of stardom from his breakout hit, ‘Faded’, Alan Walker played ‘Heading Home’ during his first-ever live show at Norway’s X-Games in 2016. Despite quickly becoming a fan-favorite, an official release of the track was never surfaced until today, 4 years after its premiere. Walker shares his story around the song: 

“Right after releasing ‘Faded’ in 2015, I started this demo project called ‘Heading Home.’ I performed it live once, but I’ve been working on several edits ever since, and never actually released it. Just based on that live performance, it soon became a fan favourite among Walkers. They’ve kept requesting for it to be released, so it’s great to finally get it out. I also want to give a little treat to those Walkers who have been asking for this song for years now, which is why I’m releasing the original demo as well!”

Finishing off the final chapter of the ‘World of Walker’ trilogy, ‘Heading Home’ is accompanied by a stunning music video, shot in Cambodia and directed by Walker ‘architect’ Kristian Berg. The video alludes to the Walker Excavations, a virtual museum and online game where fans can further explore the World of Walker. Watch the video below:

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