Gryffin Releases New Country-EDM Single “Hold You Tonight” ft. Chris Lane

First came the mega-hit “Wake Me Up” from the late legendary Avicii, then came Diplo’s cowboy hat-wearing country phase, and the legacy of ‘country EDM’ lives on. Featuring singer-songwriter Chris Lane of “Big, Big Plans” stardom, Gryffin has infused the acoustic melodies and soulful vocals of pop-country with his signature club-thumbing beats in his latest track “Hold You Tonight”.

“It’s a very special one for me,” the DJ stated in an Instagram post. “It marks my 2 year anniversary to my incredible wife @stephggriffith who is my everything and my muse in life. This upcoming record is dedicated to her and the incredible, beautiful woman that she is.”

Watch the music video below:

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