Beatport Brings Mixing to your Laptop with Beatport DJ

Beatport DJ is a new cutting-edge browser-based app that will take your mixing and Djing to the next level. Beatport is one of the leading developers when it comes to DJing and mixing from selling full songs and resources that can be used for remixes, but it seems that they outdid themselves this time with Beatport DJ.

With Beatport DJ, you will bypass all the requirements you need to start your mixing. All you need to have is a browser like Google Chrome, and you are good to go. This unique tool is available for Beatport LINK subscribers; later, it can be available with a subscription tier.

From day one, Beatport’s message has been loud and clear. It provides a platform for up-and-coming artists to show their talent while providing tools to make it easy and intuitive for creative people to create without hindering technical hurdles. And Beatport DJ is concrete proof that they are sticking to this message and expanding upon it.

Beatport DJ will give you access to Beatport’s entire catalogue, from exclusive playlists from the best labels and DJs to genre charts to offering instant track-to-track auditioning. It will provide you with complete control over your music in ways you would never have imagined.

Maybe the fascinating aspect of Beatport DJ is how intuitive it is while giving you all the tools you need to show your talent. You mix and audition any two tracks simply by a drag-and-drop action in a two-deck interface; you can also add costume cue points, add filters, adjust AQS and Tempo with the click of a button.

It is also Midi-mappable and synchronized across all hardware devices and DJ software of LINK partners like Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ, Numark, and Hercules, making you able to process and play your music from anywhere with ease.

You want to take a break from mixing and enjoy some of your favourite tunes, the app’s Automix feature will blend your favourite playlist giving you a relaxing break before jumping on the creativity train again.

Beatport DJ made creating and mixing music a very intuitive and fun exercise while eliminating the need for complicated and expensive equipment and software. Simultaneously, giving you a vast library and unique tools to show your talent, all you need is a laptop and a web browser; it doesn’t get easier than this.


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