SÓNAR lights up Barcelona this year with two new festivals

The hybrid in-person and online festival is scheduled for October 2021.

SÓNAR has announced plans for this year to hold two new festivals in Barcelona.

The festival kicks off with a plan for in-person events programs shown at the CCCB (Center de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona). In addition to these programs, the festival also offers content online presented and produced by a group of  local and international partners from different parts of the world. In this context, it should be mentioned that Barcelona takes into account COVID-19 for indoor nightlife and takes all necessary measures and precautions to prevent the risk of infection.

The idea of the Artificial Intelligence and Music festivals revolves around how to use artificial intelligence in the music industry, and this festival is organized alongside the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC), béteve and the European Commission as part of the S + T + ARTS initiative.

The two-hybrid festivals will occur in succession from October 27-30: to mark the first edition of the Festival of Artificial Intelligence and Music in the first and second manner, followed by an expanded and personalized version of the last two SónarCCCB. The hybrid festivals have been announced from October 28th to 30th this year.

The SónarCCCB Festival boasts an eclectic mix of music as it passes through multiple stages in which live performances and discussions and demos are held in the Sónar + D program. The festivals also offer more than 60 different activities for the attendees to enjoy directly, and more details will be announced soon .

Sónar Istanbul Festival was also announced by festival programmers, held on October 2nd of this year to present in its fifth edition.

Sonar also announced the rescheduling of its next year’s plan for celebrations in Barcelona. It reorganized the June celebrations for 2022, and the festivities will extend from June 15th to 18th. More details will be released soon. The Chemical Brothers have been announced as one of the 2022 headliners!

Holders of rescheduled tickets for 2020 and 2021 events will wait to be contacted from May 10th to provide information on ticket transfers to 2020, with redemption details if desired, from May 18th.

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