Coachella 2020 Party List!

For the past several years, the EDM Life listing of parties surrouding Coachella has been one of the most trafficked pages on Google!

Check back at our Coachella 2019 Party List! and Coachella 2018 Party List to see the listing of parties that made our list.

Very soon expect to see us announcing the best of the best events to attend over the 2020 Coachella (and Stagecoach?) weekends!

In 2019, the best parties we attended were the nighttime events at the Zenyara Estate and the Deep Space daytime party.

Some of the biggest parties in the past years we expect to see in 2020 include:

  • Day Club Palm Springs
  • Vestal Village
  • KROQ House
  • Rumors Palm Springs
  • Revolve Festival
  • Deep Space
  • Desert Gold
  • Neon Carnival
  • Neon Carnival – Stagecoach Edition
  • Vampped Vacancy

and more!


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