He’s back! Deadmau5 takes to Twitter To Accuse Wildstylez Of Ripping Off His Music. [updated]


Just when you thought there was peace and calm in the Twitterverse, deadmau5 has unleashed his rage on another unsuspecting victim, and this time it’s Joram Metekohy of Wildstylez fame who is at the end of it.

Everyone’s favorite mouse-eared artist took to his social network this week to accuse the Dutch hardstyle DJ of copying his track, “Some Chords,” and he didn’t hold back from letting his feeling being known to him, or the rest of the world.

From the very beginning of the new Wildstylez track, “Straightforward,” deadmau5, AKA Joel Zimmerman, alleges that it is a copy of one of his most well -loved tracks, and flat out accuses him of ripping it off by saying, “if you’re going to rip off “some chords” rip off SOME chords… not ALL OF THEM. IN THE SAME FU**KIN ORDER. Lol.”

Joram responded to deadmau5′ tweets by saying that he heard the track on the radio the previous night but, to some, especially deadmau5, he merely sidestepped the question. Not that Joel felt is alone from there. It true Mau5 fashion, he didn’t stop prodding away and continued to post accusations and the occasional abusive retort.

One thing’s for sure, the electronic dance music world would be a boring place without him!

What do you think? Is it a blatant rip off or is deadmau5 way off with this one?

Wildstylez – Straightforward

deadmau5 – Some Chords

Check out the exchange below (click to expand):

Deadmau5 Wildstylez Twitter



[update] In an epic takedown, Joel aka Deadmau5 got the Wildstylz track removed from Youtube under a copyright claim!

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