Wavefront Festival 2014 possibly not to return this summer due to noise issues


Due to complaints from residents due to excessive bass last year and complaints to the local alderman, Harry Osterman. According to a spokesperson for Osterman, at the moment he ‘does not support this event’. His support is necessary for it to happen again in 2014. The promoters of the event are working with the alderman and city to find solutions such as reducing the size of the event and addition sound tests. Local residents do recognize the value of having the festival take place and the accompany economic benefits, however the bass and traffic issues led several to complain to the alderman regarding the event.

The festival has a 5-year contract with the City of Chicago so its unclear what would happen if the event does not move forward.

Dino Gardiakos, promoter of the event, stated “We definitely want to make sure that the neighborhood is happy with what we doing. We’re planning on having it, but that’s all contingent on a few things.”


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