Netflix and Hulu release dueling Fyre Festival documentaries this week!

While Netflix got the initial jump on the Fyre Festival documentary buzz with their trailer last fall, Hulu has beat them to the punch with their Fyre Festival doc “FYRE FRAUD” available today for streaming while Netflix’s “FYRE, The Greatest Festival That Never Happened” drops on this Friday the 18th.

Both documentaries focus on the ill-fated festival planned for early 2018 which was initially promoted by multiple social media starts including Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski  and more.

The Hulu version per the trailer (see below) appears to delve more into the background of convicted felon Billy McFarland who put together the event while the Netflix version (see below) appears to center more on the event itself and how it was a shell of what was initially promised.

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