Mixcloud Launches Legal Livestream Service for DJs

DJs around the world can rejoice and finally livestream 100% legally without fear of copyright infringement! Mixcloud, the popular DJ mix and radio show website, recently announced its new service, Mixcloud Live

The platform is currently in its beta phase and has been rushed out because of the thousands of DJs all over the world livestreaming due to social isolating from the pandemic. The new service will also potentially be able to monetize livestreams, and DJs can livestream without or with video. The platform uses the same stream URL system and stream key as many other platforms, so DJs can use it with OBS, Wirecast, Ecamm Live, etc. 

Cofounder Nico Perez said the following about the new service:

“We hope that Mixcloud Live brings a little more fun – and maybe some dancing – into your home. Particularly at this time when the world is socially distant, and we all need to feel a bit closer. In addition, we are very focused on helping creators generate more income directly from their fans via their livestreams.” 

Mixcloud Live could not have come at a better time as DJs have had copyright takedowns, summary deletions of their content and muted streams as they attempt to stream on other platforms. Mixcloud was able to launch this new platform as they operate on a different license that is more like a radio license and collects royalties. Livestreams are not currently being archived, however that is in the works. 

Mixcloud points out that the platform is still in its beta phase, however they felt that it was important to launch it as soon as possible due to our current global social isolation situation. A subscription to Mixcloud Pro is needed to stream on Mixcloud Live and there is currently a 90-day trial period.



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