One dead after Nocturnal Wonderland, two at DEFQON.1 (Sydney Australia)

Once again the sad broken record of reporting deaths at major electronic festivals is being played.

At Nocturnal Wonderland, 10 people were transported to local area hospitals for varying medical issues and one remains in the hospital. Sadly, on Saturday night, deputies working at the event responded to the medical tent regarding an adult male receiving treatment for an unknown medical emergency. The male was transported by ambulance to a local area hospital where he was later pronounced deceased. A death investigation is being conducted an an autopsy will be performed to determine cause and manner of death.


In addition, this past weekend in Sydney Australia at the DEFQON.1 hardstyle festival, a 21 and 23-year old festival goer each passed due to suspected drug use.

This has led to some local politicians asking to ban these events in the future while others have said the government’s strict no tolerance policy has caused the problem.


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