Proposed California 4AM Last Call Bill to be Reintroduced

After passing the California Senate and House last year only to be vetoed by outgoing Governor Jerry Brown, State Sen. Scott Wiener is reintroducing the effectively the same proposal to extend the time alcohol can be served to 4AM in Los Angeles, San Francisco and seven additional cities.

Wiener said in a statement:

“Nightlife brings people together, fosters creativity and innovation, supports small businesses and creates middle-class jobs. It’s time to embrace our nighttime economy and give our cities the tools they need to foster the best nightlife possible.”

If the bill passes again, this time it would fall to new Governor Gavin Newsome to sign the bill and allow it to go into effect in as a 5-year trial program in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, West Hollywood, Long Beach, Coachella, Cathedral City and Palm Springs.

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