Seattle’s Decibel festival to expand to Los Angeles in 2016? 

In a posting on the Decibel website reviewing their 2015 events, Decibal founder Sean Patrick Horton posted this interesting note:

…Looking ahead to 2016, many of you have heard I’ve relocated to Los Angeles this past fall. I’m pleased to report that Los Angeles’ vibrant and diverse electronic music community has been more than welcoming and receptive to the idea of Decibel. Though there is still much work to be done before any formal decision is made, know that I’m confident in the ability to replicate Decibel in Los Angeles. This would be in addition to a Seattle program. More to come on both later this winter, so stay tuned…

Source: End of year note and 2015 recap from Decibel Founder/Curator – Decibel Festival

H/T: Dancing Astronaut

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