Soundcloud launches subscription ‘Go’ service

With today’s announcement of the iOS Version 4 of the Soundcloud app, their new ‘Go’ subscription service has been enabled. Free for the first 30 days then $12.99 per month, the service will offer an expanded selection of artists as well as the ability to download songs/enable offline listening. Web and Android versions are priced lower at $9.99 somewhat strangely. Speculation is the iOS higher price is due to the 30% cut that Apple takes.

“SoundCloud Go represents our vision of the future of music streaming: a platform for creators to collaborate on; for fans to discover the latest tracks, enjoy legendary music and connect with their favorite artists; and for our unique creative community to have the opportunity to be paid for their work,” said Alexander Ljung, SoundCloud Founder and CEO. “We are proud to offer the ultimate music streaming choice for both artists and fans and, together with the music industry, enable artists at all stages of their careers to be heard on SoundCloud.”

Check it out here:

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