Techno DJs Tour Managers Fundraiser Goes Viral for All the Wrong Reasons

Several tour managers for top techno DJs including Carl Cox, Joseph Capriati, Nicole Moudaber and more are part of a project whereby they have posted mixes to Bandcamp as a fundraiser since they have been out of work due to the Covid-19 crisis.

The press release and video put out by the people behind the Tour Managers Not Touring (TNT) – The Sofa Sessions clearly state that the purpose of this project was to raise money for tour managers since they have not been working recently.

While everyone can appreciate the massive financial effect on the entire world of the Coronavirus, the project appears to be quite tone def when you have the highest paid techno djs in the world recording videos asking you to give money to their tour managers – the implication is that the tour managers are not being taken care by the artists they work for so they have to ask for help to pay their bills.

This quote was provided by Dubfire’s tour manager Dingo (Tim Price):

“The tour managers in our scene are like one big dysfunctional family. A lot of tour managers play themselves and have great musical taste. So we thought this would be a great way to come together, and an interesting concept to explore the sound of the tour mangers in comparison to the sound of the DJs we work with. Our goal is to release some new and interesting content to help with the #stayhome initiative and also try and gain some financial support for us tour managers during this unfortunate time as most of us if not all are not paid a salary, we are paid per show. This project is being done out of love of music, our scene and the people involved in it.” (Bold added by EDM Life)

Carl Cox today defended the project below:

Carl states:

There was no suggestion ever made that this was to cover “wages” that is simply ridiculous and I feel saddened that this has even been suggested.

However the press release we were sent as well as the video put out of as part of this project clearly use the words ‘support’ by multiple djs. When you are asking someone to pay money to ‘support’ someone in tough times, its hard to see this as anything but as asking for charity.

Yes times are tough for many now and we don’t begrudge someone asking for help if they need it. What has rubbed so many the wrong way is we have well paid djs asking you to give money to their employees since they need it. Which suggests they aren’t being taken care of by their employers, the djs.

Joseph Capriati noted that he did not ask for any money to be sent:

The issue came to light mainly by DJ John Askew who posted this video questioning the endeavor:

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THIS. IS. AN. UTTER. SCANDAL. Out of desperation for income in these trying times the tour managers of some of worlds richest DJs launch a mix series to try and raise donations from the public to help keep themselves afloat while out of work. And then the millionaires they work for have the audacity to beg and plead to the general public to get involved / donate give money I’m guessing so that they don’t have to themselves!!!??. What the actual f*ck???????? So the DJs in question are not covering the basic costs of the loyal warriors that baby sit them 24/7 during normal touring periods????? And not only that but they’re then asking you – the out of work / broke / skint general public to put your hand in your pocket to help cover these costs – so they don’t have to??????? Am I loosing my mind here or did what I just watched actually happen? I’m truly lost for words, shocked and a little sad. Shame on the managers who advised these DJs that this was a good idea. Some of these DJs were heroes to me but now any / all respect I had has been lost. If you are one of the tour managers who work for the DJs in this video I feel deeply deeply sorry for you. You’re at their side wiping their ass every second of every day while on tour and now they won’t repay the favour by helping you with a few chunks of change from their VAST wealth????? It’s as scandalous as Victoria Beckham trying to furlough all her staff so that the tax payer could cover their costs. Luckily though – she saw sense and reversed the request when public outrage subtly reminded her she’s a f*cking millionaire a hundred times over so can cover those costs out of the coins in her solid gold handbag. This lock down brings out good in some but horrors in others. If you’re going to donate to anything – donate to the NHS or your own country’s front line medical services.

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Its not clear if the djs themselves truly understood that this project was intended to raise money for tour managers that needed financial help.

Alan Fitzpatrick who’s tour manager was part of this project chimed in as well:

Techno legend Dave Clarke didn’t take kindly to this and posted this:

As Dave noted, let’s forget if it was your favorite dj but say a famous actor or singer instead that asked you to support their assistant or agent or manager in this tough time – not a good look.

The mixers that apparently were on the Bandcamp page have been removed and damage control as noted above is been undertaken by the djs involved.

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