The Future of Techno Comes to Life in New Documentary

How Techno Shapes the Future the new documentary created by German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle, features the future of techno music and what is in store for the house music industry in the coming years. Before looking forward, it’s interesting to understand techno music history. 

Techno music is a subculture of technologically advanced underground music, lively beats and electronic dance.  

For years Berlin has been home to a large techno scene. The music brought connection after the Berlin Wall came down and left spaces for underground clubs to be started. As the city progressed, the club became known as Tresor. People were ready for expression and dance and used techno music as their outlet, some referring to it as salvation.  

In the US, Detroit is known for its history with techno music. In the early 80s, European electronic music was mixed with African American dance beats, gifting the city with the beginnings of techno music.  

Moving into the 90s, techno began to gain more traction worldwide. The love Parade in Berlin 1999 saw an overwhelming crowd of over 1 million people.  

“No one man was bigger than the music, and the music it was the message not the personality”

Alan Oldham DJ T-1000

The release of the How Techno Shapes the Future, looks at how far techno has come and where it will go next. The film will take the audience on a techno journey across the globe, featuring Detroit, Frankfurt and Berlin. Welle will be incorporating the works of Stacey Hotwaxx, Sven Väth, TAAHLIAH and Nicky Böhn among more.  

Looking forward, Böhm speaks about female representation in the techno scene and uses her experience to create a more diverse and inclusive industry.  

Although techno music started underground, it didn’t stay that way for long. As the roots of techno music are being rediscovered, the documentary gives a chance to not only look back, but forward and explore what is to come next in the music scene.  Watch’ How Techno was born: From Detroit to Berlin and back” below.

And check out the sister video, “How Techno Shapes the Future.”

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