Woodstock confirmed returning for its 50th Birthday!

Confirming industry scuttlebutt at the end of 2018 when a proposal deck was floating around the internet pitching Woodstock 2019, news comes today that the seminal festival will return for its 50th Anniversary.

The 3-day event will run from Friday, Aug. 16 through Sunday, Aug. 18 in Watkins Glen International (a large racetrack park in Upstate New York) rather than the original Bethel New York location.

Co-Producer and Co-Founder Michael Lang said in a press release today:

It’s time to put the speculation to rest and officially announce that Woodstock 50 is happening. The original festival in ’69 was a reaction by the youth of the time to the causes we felt compelled to fight for – civil rights, women’s rights, and the antiwar movement, and it gave way to our mission to share peace, love and music. Today, we’re experiencing similar disconnects in our country, and one thing we’ve learned is that music has the power to bring people together. So, it’s time to bring the Woodstock spirit back, get involved and make our voices heard.”

Woodstock 50 will be the only authorized commemoration of the iconic 1969 festival (editor’s note – the original Bethel site in 2006 was converted into a concert venue and will hold its own Woodstock event ).

The event will have 3 stages with more than 60 of the biggest names in music according to Lang.

Get more info here: https://www.woodstock.com/

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