Daft Punk Creates Infinitely Entertaining Video and More Updates

Random Access Memories, the 10th anniversary edition of Daft punk’s album was released on May 12 and is their final album. The album is accompanied by a video animating evolution and the growth of Daft Punk. The animated short was directed by Warren Fu. Fu has been a long-standing collaborator with Daft Punk and worked with animators from Picnic Studios, light Studios and H5 Studios.  

The video features life evolving from microscopic organisms into mammals and the early evolution of humans. As humans evolve and move through history, they are accompanied by Daft Punk inspired helmets. The unique music video experience includes the futuristic evolution of robots, ending with an explosion back into dust.  Daft Punk confirmed that the track was

“based on an infinity loop. The progression and lyrics to this track will make it echo infinitely. The concept of an infinity loop will also be reflected in the official music video as an epic ascension through human history and fate.”

Warren Fu noted:

“This project is especially dear to me not only because I was the mutual friend that introduced Julian to [Daft Punk members] uy-Man [de Homem-Christo] and Thomas [Bangalter], but it is also the final music video for Daft Punk… Like a lot of the robots’ music, I wanted to create something simple and hypnotic on the surface, that reveals more upon repeat listens and viewings.”

Julian Caasablancas who sang on the duo’s track “Instant Crush” also added:

Infinity Repeating [was] a little stranger and more jazz modern, chord-wise, than the others on the record. It just cycles up like a pattern. It’s a four half-step cycle moving up on repeat. I wanted Stevie Wonder to sing it. [It] somehow has island summer vibes too. It’s lovely and bizarre. Like a human. And like a human, obsessed with infinity and constantly making the same mistakes and movements.”

The track continues the stream of reissues and never-released music such as the 2021 reissue of ‘Homework’ and ‘Alive 1997’ on vinyl which can be ordered here.

In addition, earlier this year a new song “The Writing Fragments of Time” was released from their 10th anniversary release of Random Access Memories.

Also form the same album is GLBTM (Studio Outtakes). This version is very different from the one released before with new instruments in the track. 

Lastly we have a pre-helmeted version of the duo playing a live version of ‘Roll in & Scratchin’ live at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles in 1997.

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