After teasing and some cryptic hints about it, Gary Richards this morning confirmed he will be launching the Friendship cruise this upcoming December. The cruise will be on December 11th – 15th and cruise from Miami to the Bahamas.

Richards said in a Facebook post:

There is a place where my friends and I go and we do fun things-the kind of fun things that build everlasting memories that I could never put a price on and I absolutely never could because these times are priceless and irreplaceable. At the end when I look back and reminisce about these times I had and the experiences that molded me and watered me enough to grow, I’ll think about all the friends I’ve made along the way and how I am a part of their story and they are more than all my friends. They are all my family. -D

We expect the cruise to be in partnership with LiveStyle, the EDM company risen from the ashes of SFX.

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