Moog announces Subsequent 25 synth at NAMM

moog subsequent 25 synth

At NAMM last week, Moog announced their new Subsequent 25 synth. This model is intended to replace the Sub Phatty synth and as part of this Moog has made tweaks that lead to powerful bass and thicker leads. The Subsequent 25 is a very small keyboard but provides a big sound out of its small package.

In terms of being able to play multiple notes., the Subsequent 25 has two oscillators plus a sub-oscillator and a noise generator. The oscillators can in Duo mode play two different notes at the same time and all three can be layered up in the Unison mode.

There are a few modernized sonic items in the Subsequent 25. For one, the classic Moog ladder filter — which provides rich resonance and self-oscillation — has reshaped gain staging. Basically the filter’s levels have been readjusted at each point of amplification, boosting saturation and doling out a richer low end.

Other new features include twice the headroom, a new and more powerful headphone amplifier, four CV inputs for integrating other pieces of gear, new presets designed for the upgraded circuitry, and an upgraded keybed (per Moog is for “improved playability”). The synth offers full MIDI implementation allowing you to automate everything on the front panel along with hidden parameters via plug-ins or a MIDI controller / sequencer.

Musician Flying Lotus and graphic designer Julian House were retained to create a short film called Building Your World to help demo the product.

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