Dance Music Tour Manager Malik Adunni Launches Charitable NFT

Credit: Josue Palonco

Malik Adunni, founder of Gold Credentials, recently launched a charity NFT which brought in over $70,000 in its first 48 hours after launch!

Adunni worked with ocean conservancy group Beneath The Waves to launch the first digital art collection intended to support ocean science. The NFT went live on April 6th. One winning bidder will be traveling to a shark research center in the Bahamas for a unique experience as part of the 1 of 1 edition “DISCOvery Shark” NFT. 

 A total of 68 unique NFTs were part of the sale via Blockparty, a leading NFt marketplace. Beneath The Waves is using the NFT sale to provide researcher with funds leading to new ways to protect our oceans.

Adunni said of the project:

We thought, ‘What if we did a token for our NGO, so it’s for something both exciting and impactful?’ BTW is always cutting-edge, and sharks—at the top of the food chain—are a perfect symbol for any savvy crypto investor.

Sami Kattab, Director of Digital Media and creative directory of Beneath The Waves also noted of the NFT:

“It just seemed like a natural progression of our storytelling, science, media, and brand—pioneering a new type of discovery and exploration,”

The collection was created by digitla artist Vlad Dumitrescu and each art piece comes with music from Elle Jae. 

Malik Adunni has recently joined the Board of Directors of The One Heart Movement which aims to promote unity and us connecting to our humanity so we may better support our national and global community with a care for each other’s mental health and well being. He is also the Director of Community for When the Music Stops, a nonprofit and community that supports emotional and mental health through music, connection, and love. Given the incredible synergy between the two organizations, he has announced his next NFT will be in support of them and their causes. Be on the lookout!
#RebirthTheWorld #NFTRavers

BTW Blockparty Storefront
NFT Art Collection – Downloadable



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