Beatport releases its Top Tracks and Label of 2023

Get ready to groove in the rhythm wonderland, where Peggy Gou’s summertime anthem “(It Goes Like) Nanana” is not just a catchy tune but the absolute ruler of Beatport’s chart kingdom for 2023! Picture slick guitar vibes, a ’90s rave-inspired vibe, and voila – you’ve got the number 1 best-selling track that’s turning dance floors into magical realms.

But hold on to your dance shoes because the fun doesn’t stop there! Fisher’s tech house escapade, “Take It Off,” featuring the sultry vocals of Gita Lake (aka Aatig), is rocking the party at number two. And don’t underestimate the power of the dynamic trio – Fred again.., Four Tet, and the legendary Skrillex – wielding their dance floor enchantment, “Baby again…,” they’re locking down the bronze with a beat that’s as massive as a dragon’s roar.

In the land of epic dance floor adventures, Mark Knight’s colossal dance floor haven, Toolroom, is throwing the ultimate celebration for its 20th anniversary. Guess what? It’s not just a party; it’s a force to be reckoned with, dishing out club anthems like a wizard casting spells. No wonder it’s proudly wearing the crown as Beatport’s top-selling label of 2023! Right on its heels is Tale Of Us’ Afterlife Records, spinning melodic techno spells, and the ever-magical Insomniac Records takes the bronze, unleashing hits that make your heart sing and feet dance.

But wait, there’s more magic in the air! Skrillex, the wizard of beats, takes the center stage as Beatport’s top-selling artist of 2023, thanks to an unexpected double album drop in February – “Quest For Fire” and “Don’t Get Too Close.” And who’s got his back? None other than the mischievous maestro Fred again.., holding it down at number two. Meanwhile, the tech house sorcerer Fisher, the life of every party, slides into the third spot, ensuring the dance music world is a non-stop fiesta!

The 10 Best-Selling Labels on Beatport (2023)


The 10 Most-Streamed Labels on Beatport (2023)


The 10 Best-Selling Artists on Beatport (2023)


The 10 Most-Streamed Artists on Beatport (2023)

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