Daft Punk Call it Quits!

Say it ain’t so! Legendary producers and DJs Daft Punk released a video earlier today on their social media platforms entitled ‘Eplilogue’ showing the two members walking in the desert with their famous helmets and black jackets with their name embroidered on the back.

After a bit of walking they come face to face, the one in the silver helmet takes off his jacket and the other band member then turns some switch on his back which then starts beeping. He then walks away and you see a countdown to zero where he blows up. 

We then hear their song ‘Touch’ playing and a graphic showing 1993 – 2021 and their hands in a triangle. 

It appears this that the band is letting us know that they called it quits  last year. If so, this brings us to an end of one of the most important bands of dance music and EDM. Their 2006 Coachella pyramid show is considered a seminal show and helped raise the stature of dance music to a new level.

Watch their final (?) goodbye video below:

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