Hard Summer Music Festival 2017 Goes Off Without a Hitch!

Unlike Hard’s track record in the past, EDM Life is happy to report no deaths or serious medical issues at this year’s ten-year anniversary edition of Hard Summer Music Festival at Glen Helen Amphitheater. However, there were several hospitalizations and a large amount of arrests. Hard Summer Music Festival 2017 hosted around 40,000 people on each of the two days of the event, which led to 19 hospitalizations and 107 arrests.

Day one of the festival had 40 arrests due to public intoxication, outstanding warrants, sales of narcotics, and drug as well as alcohol violations. 6 people also on day one needed to be transported to hospitals for treatment due to their medical conditions.

Day two was slightly worse than the first day with 67 arrests for drug sales, public intoxication, and trespassing. Day two also saw more than double hospitalizations with 13 Hard fans needing medical attention.

Even though there were arrests and hospitalizations, this year’s ten-year anniversary of Hard Summer Music Festival was definitely a big improvement from past festivals!


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